Happy & Healthy 2020! Plus new rates and some gratitude.

Thank you for supporting my work in 2019. I feel so fortunate to do this work and for the relationships I have with each one of you. Whether you visit once a year or you’re a weekly client – you are all special to me in unique ways. Here we are again at the beginning of a new year and the promise of great things to come. Surely the year will also come with its challenges and disappointments but we have freedom to decide how we react.

Speaking of reactions, San Francisco’s permitting regulations surrounding massage therapists was a great example of how NOT to react. But even in the scariest moments, I felt so grateful to those of you who wrote your supervisors and offered support, professional advice and experience. I’m still sorting through the bureaucracy and trying to find a way to achieve compliance.

Beginning February 1st, my rates will increase by $10. If you purchased a package in 2019, the old rates will apply for the remaining sessions.

I’m excited for this new year partly because I feel pretty clear about how I’d like to be in it. One commitment I’m making to myself is to follow a media diet consisting of more inspiring and uplifting subjects – things that will help me ask more beautiful questions and help me see more good in the world. Some of the podcasts that are in my heavy rotation are The Good Life Project, On Being, Everything Happens and Terrible, Thanks for Asking in case you want to join me in this effort.

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