How often “should” I get a massage?

This is probably the most asked question I get as a massage therapist. The second most popular being, “Can you feel how tight my muscles are?” which I’ll address in another post.

Here’s my standard answer which doesn’t say much for my sales pitch but I believe is the “right” answer.

Typically, I say, it’s up to you. Listen to your body, factor in your time and finances to ensure that you aren’t stressed about making it to your next scheduled appointment.

I read that Bob Hope got a massage every day for 63 years and I think he lived to be 100. Not all of us can be Bob Hope so here are some alternate options.

If you’re the kind of person who wants to incorporate massage into a self-care regimen, maybe once a season is a good start. That’s 4 massages per year which isn’t likely to break the bank and is a rather nice way to welcome a new season.

If that sounds like too little, maybe every other month. I have a client who trades off between facials and massages throughout the year.

George Burns got a massage every day, but not everyone can be George Burns.

Ultimately, it’s an experiment and with time and consistency, you’ll find what works for you.

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