Joining the Work From Home team on July 9.

“if nothing ever changed, there would be no such things as butterflies” Wendy Mass
“But when technology changes, this butterfly (a simple blog post) looks horrible.” Wanda Pierce
Summer is here, the health order is lifted and over half of eligible San Franciscans are fully vaccinated. It looks like brighter days have arrived! I’ve got three big announcements to share but first, a big thank you.Since re re-opening in February, it has been a delight to see many of you and get back to work. I’m so grateful for your trust in my efforts to follow the safety protocols and for your willingness to help me follow those guidelines by masking, having your temperature checked, filling out the COVID forms and hand sanitizing.
Announcement #1: After nearly 8 phenomenal years at Raise the Bar Fitness, I have decided to join the work from home team. The move took place last Thursday and while I still have some kinks to work through, I’d say my first day was a winner. I’m here in the neighborhood and parking is easier than ever. The “garden experience” from 2020 might even make a comeback on those rare warmer days.
The new office with a window!

Announcement #2: I want to be respectful to you all as we move toward business as usual. While I will continue with the cleaning and hand sanitizing protocols I’ve adopted, masking seems to be a moving target. I have been fully vaccinated since April 15 but will happily mask up if you have not been vaccinated or if you’d feel more comfortable that way. If you have been fully vaccinated and wish to be mask free, that’s great, go ahead and ditch the mask. Still prefer to keep it on? That’s okay too; whatever makes you happy.
Announcement #3: Effective July 15, I’ll be raising my rates by $10. New rates will be $115 for 60 minutes, $130 for 75 minutes and $150 for 90 minutes. The new rates do not apply to packages or gift certificates that have been purchased prior to July 15, 2021. I look forward to welcoming you into my home soon and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to contribute to your well being!

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