Re-open Take 2, The Garden Experiment:

San Francisco announced that massage could resume starting September 1st, provided it could be done outside. Hence, The Garden Experiment.

Like many of you, I’ve been spending a bunch of time gardening in my backyard. It’s been a wonderful way to be outside. Now I can share the fruit of my labor with you!

I’ve set up the massage table under a shade structure with roller blinds for extra privacy. The table is warm and I have a heat lamp to help take the chill off what’s left of our Sunset summer. You’ll hear birds, a distant water fountain and the mostly pleasant sounds of outdoor life. Okay so you’ll have to come through the bodega garage, but once you’re out back, it’s sort of nice!

I’ll do a touchless temperature check upon arrival and have you sign a liability waiver. I cannot offer you water or the use of my restroom. You’ll need to wear a mask the entire time. I’ll be wearing one too. I have disposable surgical masks available for you – these are the most comfortable when in the prone position – but you can wear your own if you prefer. I pre-portion the massage cream I use in a small plastic container. Whatever is left over is yours to take home.

I’m requesting cash payment for now. If you need to use a credit card or FSA/HSA card, you can purchase a gift card online. Just remember to bring the redemption code with you; it resembles a credit card number. Cancellations are penalty free until further notice.

My hours are somewhat limited to allow ample time to disinfect all surfaces and in consideration of my housemates. First session starts at 11am or 12noon and the second session at either 3p or 4pm.

I appreciate the opportunity to work again and intend to do so taking all the precautions necessary to keep us all safe and healthy. This is all an experiment and I am open to hearing what works for you and what might need adjusting. My goal is for you to feel as comfortable and safe as possible. I look forward to seeing you!

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