San Francisco extends the stay home order indefinitely

Happy New Year! Whether you make resolutions or intentions, have hope for something great or better in 2021 or just dream of the day we are all on the other side of Covid, I support you. I’m eager for that dream to become a reality too.

I don’t have the answers and right now I don’t even see a real roadmap but I do have faith that we will make it through and I’ll be open for business soon.

It’s been reassuring to know that many of you are also eager for me to get back to work! There is only so much weeding, baking, jigsaw puzzling, binge watching, dog walking, reading, cocktail perfecting and Marie Kondo’ing* one can do. I miss feeling like a contributing member of our sweet neighborhood.

So let’s keep up with our mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing so that businesses like mine can once again contribute to the vitality of our beloved Sunset community.

*truth be told, I have done zero Marie Kondo’ing.

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